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Wet leak test

The heart of every filtration product is the filter membrane. Before it can be released for use, it must successfully pass a strictly monitored integrity test – especially in the case of medical devices.

The alphaFLOW®BASIC guarantees 100% reliable production testing. In the process, the filter membrane is tested for leakage with high-purity water. The tests are carried out in a membrane-friendly manner and defective products are reliably separated.

Note: The alphaFlow®PRO variant combines the processes of the alphaFLOW®BASIC and the alphaMICRO®. In this way, you cover all processes with one machine and do not have to install the alphaMICRO® in addition.

100 % reliable testing for membrane integrity
Integrated automatic plant sanitisation (superheated steam)
BDE system
Fully automatic plant sanitisation
Drying of the products directly after wet testing
Drying of the products directly after wet testing

Technology processes

  • Feeding products
  • Wet leak test
  • Hot-air drying
  • Removal products

alphaFLOW® BASIC – in action.
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