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Membrane filters & modules

Our heart beats for membrane technology!
Choosing the right membrane and module for your desired project is the key to success –
We passionate to find the best solution with you and for you!

Competence & Expertise

Alpha Plan has over 25 years module manufacturing know-how and expertise – from developing and manufacturing a single prototype to producing millions of hollow fiber modules per annum to supplying a complete automated manufacturing line.

Standard hollow fiber filter

Do you have a specific application in mind and you like to test the approach quickly with a standard module? Do you want to get started with your idea and test the basic concept?

Sometimes a standard hollow fiber module “will do the trick”.
And if you require later certain adaptations, we are happy to do so. A choice of our standard membrane filter which we have permanently on stock is listed here:

Ultrafiltration hollow fiber modules
Endotoxin and Water filter module
Gas transfer modules

New! From now on, you can also purchase our high-quality microfilters, ultrafiltration filters and gas transfer filters around the clock in our new online shop.

Customised membrane filter

Do you require a special membrane filter which you can´t find here? Do you require a special size of module, different connectors, a different type of membrane? Talk to us, we´ll find a tailored solution for you.

Contract development & manufacturing of membrane filters

Do you require a very specific membrane filter module for a specific application?

Do want us to assemble e.g. a whole cassette system including the membrane module?

Do you require a serial production of over 100,000s modules? Do you even consider setting-up your own manufacturing line to secure the constant supply?

Contact us, our highly-competent project team consistent of medical device and membrane technology engineers will develop the ideal product for you, having while designing it already the large-scale production in mind.

All our modules are developed and manufactured in-house making them a true Made in Germany product. The hollow fiber membranes are either also manufactured in-house or sourced from renown German and Japanese membrane suppliers to offer you a broad selection of modules.

Depending on the quantity of modules required, we are able to react very flexible on your needs even if you only require some prototypes or small-series. A decision on a manual, semi-automated or automated manufacturing process is making this possible and follows your budget requirements.

The manufacturing happens in a cleanroom under controlled manufacturing environment. It follows ISO-14644-1 class 8-standard in the central manufacturing area and ISO-14644-1 class 6 under the laminar flow hood work benches.

High quality and quality assurance is the baseline of our doing. Our manufacturing team is very skilled and pays attention to every detail. Our certified quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016 and our very good customer satisfaction rate is confirming that.