Vormontage: Faserbündeleinzug, Versiegelung & Kappenmontage Maschinen

Pre-assembly: Fibre bundle feeding, sealing and cap assembly

The alphaSEAL® covers all process steps of pre-assembly – from pulling the filter membrane bundles into a housing (optionally made of polycarbonate or polypropylene) to forwarding the assemblies to the next production step.

Thanks to the sophisticated technology, alphaSEAL® machines work extremely precisely and fully automatically. The modern technique of fret feeding and sealing guarantees an extremely low technological waste. The system is supported by camera and sensor technology for monitoring process and product quality.

Inserting bundle
Infrared sealing
Potting cap assembly
Automatic barcode labelling
Automatic bundle insertion
Fully automatic sealing
Fully automatic potting cap assembly
Production data acquisition of all processes
Automatic product transport

Technology processes

  • Inserting bundle
  • Barcode labelling
  • Infrared sealing
  • Potting cap assembly

alphaSEAL® – in action.
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