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Alpha Plan manufactures individual centrifuges for the fiber potting of hollow fiber membranes.

In addition to the automated alphaCENT® production system for series production, Alpha Plan also offers machine variants for small quantities, e.g. for pilot series, prototypes or tests. Depending on the requirements, these are table-top or floor-standing centrifuges with which you can carry out the potting of membrane filters with multicomponent adhesives on a smaller scale. From laboratory equipment to highly automated production units, we can offer customized solutions to the customer through customer-specific adaptations and developments. Also the receptacles can be adapted individually and application specific and allow a wide range of module sizes & potting possibilities. Likewise, one centrifuge can be used for different product geometries. The centrifuges can be combined with a mixing and dosing unit, which provides a two-component potting compound mixed and ready-metered. In the centrifuge unit, the potting compound hardens under heating and rotation for correct distribution of the material.

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