Series production

You have produced the first prototypes and want to enter series production? You want to expand an existing production?

With Alpha Plan, you have two options: Either we take over the production of your series product at our location – or we provide you with a concept for the construction and commissioning of your own production plant.

With nearly 25 years of expertise in automation technology, Alpha Plan has the technical know-how to transform your processes and product requirements into efficient and stable manufacturing. More than 100 Alpha-Plan employees form the team of experts for the development, design and automation of special machines. These are produced at our site in Radeberg and are used worldwide.

As a competent partner, we supply you with the complete production technology on time and in the desired design. Whether manual or fully automated process steps, quantitative or qualitative requirements for series production – we adapt the production technology precisely to your needs.


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  • Sauerstoffanreicherung / Karbonisierung von Flüssigkeiten
  • Entgasung von Flüssigkeiten
  • Bioreaktor-Oxygenatoren
Art. Nr. Produkt Abmessungen (Ø/Länge) m/o Anschlüsse Membran Anschlüsse Innere Oberfläche Äußere Oberfläche Intrakapillar-volumen Extrakapillar-volumen
0510142 GTM S 12 / 60 mm PMP FLC 80 cm² 160 cm² 0.6 ml 1.3 ml
0510143 GTM M 21 / 120 mm PMP FLC 0.10 m² 0.19 m² 6 ml 17 ml
0510144 GTM L 26 / 120 mm PMP FLC 0.15 m² 0.29 m² 9 ml 26 ml
MWCO – Molecular Weight Cut-Off; ICS – Intra Capillary Space; ECS – Extra Capillary Space; TMP – Trans-membrane pressure, FLC – Female Luer Connector; Ø – Gehäusedurchmesser; Länge – Gehäuselänge ohne Endkappen und Anschlüsse