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Our markets

Alpha Plan serves numerous market segments. This is made possible by our cross-sector expertise and a wealth of experience gained over 25 years. Here you will find some possible applications of our technologies and automation techniques.


Below is an overview of where customer-specific Alpha Plan filters are used:

Medical / Biotech / Life-Science / Pharma:

  • Upstream cell & protein concentration, harvest clarification
  • Downstream bioprocessing, protein & antibody purification
  • Continuous TFF bioprocessing
  • Perfusion filter for stirred tank or wave Bioreactors
  • Bioreactor oxygenators
  • HF-Bioreactors for protein production, cell expansion, cell therapy manufacturing, PK/PD study
  • Dia-/Ultrafiltration
  • Media and Buffer filtration
  • Virus removal filter
  • Cell concentration/cell separation filter
  • Viral Vector concentration/purification
  • Exosome filtration & purification
  • Stem cell isolation and filtration
  • Endotoxin & pyrogen removal


  • Degassing of fluids
  • Oxygenation / Carbonation of fluids
  • Sampling systems
  • Drug synthesis
  • Water purification


Alpha Plan supplies production and process technology for filter assembly to companies all over the world. Our machines and production lines support customers in the manufacture of membrane-based filters. Here you will find a selection of market segments in which our production systems are used:


  • Haemodialysis (renal replacement therapy)
  • Plasma filtration and plasma separation
  • Oxygenators


  • Components for fuel cell technology
  • Components for exhaust gas filters


  • Water filtration (POU and POE)