Excellence in filter technology

Alpha Plan production lines

Alpha Plan supplies customized production lines for the assembly of membrane-based filters.
The portfolio ranges from individual process technology systems to complete automation solutions for production.

Alpha Plan's production system


We are pleased to announce that Alpha Plan has won a tender from the Indian Advanced Medical Technology Center (AMTZ) to set up a manufacturing ...

We are pleased to announce that you can now purchase our high-quality micro, ultrafiltration and gas transfer filters around the clock in our new web ...

At our site in Radeberg, we develop and manufacture micro, ultrafiltration and gas transfer filters under clean room conditions for various applications in medicine, biotechnology, ...

Excellence in filter technology

For more than 25 years, we have been expanding our expertise in filtration and automation technology and offering our customers innovative solutions in the areas of filter development, design, engineering, manufacturing and production technology.


  • Sauerstoffanreicherung / Karbonisierung von Flüssigkeiten
  • Entgasung von Flüssigkeiten
  • Bioreaktor-Oxygenatoren
Art. Nr. Produkt Abmessungen (Ø/Länge) m/o Anschlüsse Membran Anschlüsse Innere Oberfläche Äußere Oberfläche Intrakapillar-volumen Extrakapillar-volumen
0510142 GTM S 12 / 60 mm PMP FLC 80 cm² 160 cm² 0.6 ml 1.3 ml
0510143 GTM M 21 / 120 mm PMP FLC 0.10 m² 0.19 m² 6 ml 17 ml
0510144 GTM L 26 / 120 mm PMP FLC 0.15 m² 0.29 m² 9 ml 26 ml
MWCO – Molecular Weight Cut-Off; ICS – Intra Capillary Space; ECS – Extra Capillary Space; TMP – Trans-membrane pressure, FLC – Female Luer Connector; Ø – Gehäusedurchmesser; Länge – Gehäuselänge ohne Endkappen und Anschlüsse