alphaFCHECK® Maschinen


In the alphaFCHECK® the dry filter modules are finally assembled and subjected to final tests. A scale first checks all products for residual moisture by comparing their weights with the dry weights. In combination with an alphaFLOW® PRO, the end caps are then installed.

Their bolting to a defined torque secures the products against leakage. For maximum safety, the housing is additionally tested once again. Leaks are reliably detected here and the faulty specimens are sorted out. Finally, the end caps are fitted and the product label is affixed. The product is now ready for final packaging (additional option sterile packaging: see under Specials).

Automatic weighing of the products
BDE system
Automatic blood cap assembly
Automatic end cap assembly
Automatic label printing

Technology processes

  • Loading product via conveyor system
  • Weighting
  • Integrity test
  • Product labeling
  • Protective plug assembly
  • Unloading products for packaging

alphaFCHECK® – in action.
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