Water treatment is one of the greatest challenges of our time. The filters used for this vary from system to system. The required purity of the end product plays an important role in the choice of filter type.
Membrane filtration is a key process in this respect and is generally used when “normal” particle filtration alone is not sufficient for reuse of the water. For example, it offers the possibility of converting low-quality water into high-quality drinking or process water in a very energy-efficient manner. The potential range of applications starts with the removal of particles and microbiological purification and extends to the removal of low molecular weight substances, such as in seawater desalination. The recovery and concentration of valuable substances from solutions also offers added value in industrial applications.

Potting System für Wasseraufbereitungsmodule

Alpha Plan specializes in these membrane-based filters and has developed innovative manufacturing technologies to produce the water filters. We accompany our customers from the development of the filter or process technology to the installation of production equipment for mass production.

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