Operator training

Basic Operator Training

During the Basic Training, your employees learn the basics of the Alpha-Plan machine or system and are enabled to exploit the full potential of the system.

The objectives of this training are the independent operation and adjustment of the Alpha-Plan machines and production lines as well as the instruction in the machine-side production data acquisition system (alphaDATA®). The Basic Training is focused on one machine at a time. The trainer can address individual questions according to the time frame.

Alpha Plan offers Operator Training for

Pro Operator Training

During the Pro Training, your employees will deepen their knowledge on special topics of your Alpha-Plan machine or system. The trainer imparts topics and instructions specifically tailored to your machinery and can also respond to different levels of knowledge. The scope of the training can be coordinated individually.

Note: For all customers who realise a turn-key project with Alpha Plan or purchase a complete production line from Alpha Plan, the operator training is included.


  • Sauerstoffanreicherung / Karbonisierung von Flüssigkeiten
  • Entgasung von Flüssigkeiten
  • Bioreaktor-Oxygenatoren
Art. Nr. Produkt Abmessungen (Ø/Länge) m/o Anschlüsse Membran Anschlüsse Innere Oberfläche Äußere Oberfläche Intrakapillar-volumen Extrakapillar-volumen
0510142 GTM S 12 / 60 mm PMP FLC 80 cm² 160 cm² 0.6 ml 1.3 ml
0510143 GTM M 21 / 120 mm PMP FLC 0.10 m² 0.19 m² 6 ml 17 ml
0510144 GTM L 26 / 120 mm PMP FLC 0.15 m² 0.29 m² 9 ml 26 ml
MWCO – Molecular Weight Cut-Off; ICS – Intra Capillary Space; ECS – Extra Capillary Space; TMP – Trans-membrane pressure, FLC – Female Luer Connector; Ø – Gehäusedurchmesser; Länge – Gehäuselänge ohne Endkappen und Anschlüsse