Machines & Production Lines

Production Lines

For over 20 years, Alpha Plan has been supplying the most advanced manufacturing technologies to customers across the globe.

We focus on implementing advanced and reliable manufacturing systems and assembly lines for medical disposables including dialyzers and plasma filters for example.

We supply cleanroom production and testing equipment, manufacturing technology and quality management systems.

Production Lines

Our goal is to help you reach quality, safety and efficiency in your production organization.

We can provide you with:

Turn Key solutions

We can supply the complete solution around our automated manufacturing lines including all ancillary and clean room equipment. Our unique know-how in both building and operating medical disposables manufacturing lines can help you insure long-term and stable operation.  As a single source company that can integrate all handling and assembly processes in the production system, you can be assured of an optimized state-of-the art production plant ready to go at hand-off.

High level of customization

The specific needs of our customers are very important to us and we work closely with them in a collaborative process to insure our solutions meet all your requirements. Whether you wish to improve your existing product lines or to set up new production facilities, we have the solution you need.  We specialize in developing first of their kind products by leveraging our 20 years of experience.

Scale adaptability

With our experience, we have the knowledge and the ability to provide you a wide range of assembly lines, from pilot manufacturing lines to mass production systems. We can also help you upgrade your production processes. The degree of automation of your production lines can range from manual to fully automated assembly and packing.


When constructing our own medical device assembly lines, we always pay close attention to the ergonomics of the machine's design. All finished lines from Alpha Plan are CE-certified systems and fulfill the highest industrial and medical standards. We also offer complete quality management systems that integrate in with our assembly equipment.


Our team can help you increase the performance and lifespan of the machinery by setting up the tools, offering you a training and full support during the entire equipment lifecycle, allowing you to provide the best possible products for your customers in the most cost-efficient way.

Are you interested in our products? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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