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Custom Machine Engineering

Alpha Plan sells advanced production units and specialty machines to manufacture medical and biotechnical devices. Our wide range of products includes potting centrifuges, lapping machines or devices for quality control and performance measurements for example.

The equipment is versatile and can be adapted to your unique requirements. We take care of all the steps of your project, from an ergonomic machine design to final product assembly and monitoring.

Custom machine engineering

 We supply you customer-specific special machines for various application fields including:

  • Medical technology
  • Water treatment
  • Gas filtration
  • Industrial filters

All our equipment is available in cleanroom compliant and explosion proof versions.

Aside from developing the necessary technology, we also provide a comprehensive know-how package for quality assurance, reliability and safety at work.

The machines made by Alpha Plan are CE-certified, installed for you and put into operation by highly-trained technicians. The equipment fulfills the highest industrial and medical standards.

A comprehensive training program is offered, so that our customers are able to produce quality products on these machines from the very first moment on.

As part of the after-sale services, Alpha Plan offers raw material supply for the delivered production units as well as monitoring and maintenance services.

Are you interested in our services? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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